This is how the cabin hierarchy has changed

Werder Bremen has changed in recent weeks and months. Since Ole Werner took office at the end of November, the Green-Whites have been riding the wave of success. That has to do with the new coach, but also a lot with changes in the dressing room.

As the “Sport Bild” reveals, the atmosphere within the SV Werder Bremen team has changed fundamentally. Even in the relegation season, the team was no longer intact, every professional did his own thing, according to the trade journal. But now a new hierarchy has developed, led by Captain Ömer Toprak.

The 32-year-old is not only captain and boss on the field, but also has the dressing room under control. The players look up to him, according to the report, his word carries weight. As soon as someone swerves, Toprak intervenes.

As an example, the newspaper cites the dispute between the head of professional football Clemens Fritz and striker Niclas Füllkrug after the 0:3 in Darmstadt in the first half of the season. This is also where Toprak is said to have taken the angry attacker to his chest. The same applies to players who let things slide in training. Then the Turk reprimands clearly audibly.

Bittencourt at Werder Bremen the “mentality leader”

In addition to Toprak, Leonardo Bittencourt is now said to be an absolute leader. The German-Brazilian, who is vice-captain, is said to be called the “mentality leader” internally.

The better climate has now also made itself felt in sport. The Green-Whites have moved up to third place in the table thanks to their series of five wins in a row. Fritz is happy about the new company. “You can see that our team has grown into a tight-knit unit,” quoted the “Sport Bild” head of professional football.

In addition to Toprak and Bittencourt, the three other members of the team council are also doing well. Milos Veljkovic is primarily regarded as a respected contact person for younger players, Christian Groß is valued for his reflective nature and, as already mentioned, for his winning mentality.


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