‘They’re going to forget Jordan like we forget Kareem’: LeBron James’ former teammate

The debate of GOAT has a new chapter in the NBA And, as usual, Bolavip didn’t want the league’s best fans to miss out. A former partner of Lebron James ignited the controversy by stating that the new generations are going to forget nobody else and nobody less than Michael Jordan.

One of the best companions with whom Lebron James shared court was Dwyane Wade. Together with Chris Bosh they formed a fearsome ‘Big-3’ in Miami Heat who won two NBA titles (2012-13) and left a legacy in the best basketball in the world.

With 16 seasons, 13 Playoff appearances, three NBA titles, 17 All-Star selections and a 2006 Finals MVP award, Wade is more than an authoritative voice when it comes to the NBA and of the debate of the GOAT: the best player of all time.

“These GOAT’s, these names that we launched, will not just be many of those players. But the game continues to advance. And so we will continue to see things that we have never seen before. And the eyes will get younger and younger ”, Dwyane Wade began to explain before dropping the bomb: they’ll forget about Michael Jordan!

‘They’re going to forget Jordan like we forget Kareem’: Dwyane Wade

“We are not going to have a conversation about the GOAT0s. Now it’s going to be the younger, younger, younger generation. Y they will forget Michael Jordan as we forget Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ”, concluded Dwyane Wade, former partner of Lebron James.


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