They want to separate him from Kevin Durant: Philadelphia 76ers go for the exchange for James Harden and offer Ben Simmons

Rumors are starting to run strong ahead of the trade deadline at the National Basketball Association (NBA)where for now not many superstars have sounded. Brooklyn Nets Y Philadelphia 76ers they seem determined to change thatat least from the Sixers side.

According to Shams Charania, a journalist for The Athletic, both franchises are in negotiations for the point guard james hardenin an exchange that could be one of those known as “blockbuster”, and that could include the Australian Ben Simmons inside him.

Yes OK It looked like the Nets weren’t going to listen for a exchange by James Hardenthe situation changed in recent weeks for the Brooklyn franchise and we could see “The Beard” change his team before the deadline.

Who could the 76ers trade for James Harden?

Harden could move teams. (Getty Images)

To get the services of James Harden, who has had one of his worst offensive performances in his career in a season where he averages 22.5 pointsthe 76ers will have to pay with good role players to serve Brooklyn to remain a title contender.

Although the Nets trust the squad they have to participate in that race for the ring, the addition that could mean players like Seth Curry, Tyrese Maxey or Matisse Thybullecurrently employed by Philadelphia, will surely be considered.


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