They reveal ‘advantage’ that Wayne Rooney will have as a coach in the MLS

After the announcement of Wayne Rooney as coach of DC United became official, a colleague of the Briton has revealed the advantage he will have.

Wayne Rooney is back in the Major League Soccer (MLS)because he will be the new coach of D.C. Unitedclub where he lived a quite attractive stage as a professional player in his career.

Ahpra is ready to return to the US capital, but this time with a folder in command and on the edge of the pitch. Upon his arrival, his colleague Phil Nevillemanager of Inter Miami, states that the British will have “an advantage”.

“When I came to MLS, I guess Wayne had a slight advantage because he played in MLS, he has experience in MLS. said Neville, who shared the court with Rooney while defending the colors of the England National Team.

Rooney’s figure

“He comes as one of the most iconic figures in English football, the most decorated goalscorer in the history of England and Manchester United. That brings a level of expectation.” Neville continued on Rooney.

Wayne Rooney (Photo: DC United)

In this way, a new chapter is approaching in the professional career of Wayne Rooney as a coach, where he could use that advantage that Neville affirms with the aim of being successful in American football.

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