They didn’t even shake hands: The clash between Kevin Durant and James Harden in Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers


The day of Thursday, March 10 of the NBA It came loaded with a dose of TNT. The United States channel opened the double day with the unmissable duel between Kevin Durant and James Harden on Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers. Sparks flew!

The atmosphere at the Wells Fargo Center stadium turned up the temperature with the rain of whistles he received Ben Simmons returning to the court that saw him play for four seasons. The tension was beginning to be felt and a clash of stars was about to come.

When the exchange bomb that sent to James Harden bound for Philadelphia 76ers, Kevin Durant had an unmissable reaction. It was the first game ‘The beard’ against his former Brooklyn Nets teammates and both Kyrie Irving and KD made him feel that if they had any friendship they left her off the floor for a moment.

James Harden and Kevin Durant (Photo: Getty Images)

On the first play of Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers, Irving gave Harden a hard block to start imposing authority. Then came the reaction Kevin Durant, who did not hesitate to dump the ball in front of a James who left his way free. The shock was yet to come!

Video: The clash between Durant and Harden that sparked at Nets vs. 76ers

TO james harden Things weren’t going as expected from the field, so he decided to go into the paint and when Kevin Durant got in front of him… Boom! Former teammates on the Brooklyn Nets had a clash that left them on the floor, they did not shake hands and KD ended up sore. The tension was felt…



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