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These girls are making up to $1,700 a month on Twitch

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer scribbling notes and listening to low-fi music while checking off items on your to-do list? Then picture yourself acquiring it.

People now watch practically anything online, including live videos of people eating, sleeping, or aggressively bouncing. This can be a source of income for anyone, including those who earn money by popping bubble wrap and tapping their nails on microphones. For those looking to dive into the books, young ladies have recently embraced the “study with me” trend online in a variety of online study sessions, such as after they meet online.

Who is Belén?

If it’s a weekday at five o’clock, Belén will be studying in quiet while donning headphones, with the sound of rain serving as the only ambient noise.

While she is streaming on Twitch, many people are watching to see how she does.

When the countdown timer reaches zero and an alert sounds, a stopwatch with a countdown timer is also visible in the upper right corner of the screen.

The young pupil must now take preventative action. Thank you so much for the new sub, she adds as she attaches the microphone and turns to face the camera. How is your progress with your studies going?

With nearly 6,000 followers, Belén is best known on Twitch as @Thewintergallery.

Belén, age 21, might be a doctor. She has been live-streaming her study sessions for a year and is in her fifth year.

She has profited slightly more than $280 from Twitch. She spent the money on a computer to improve her streaming, and one of her fans even made a gift to assist her in getting a new microphone.

Finding places to check in and communicate with pals was one of the most pressing pandemic-related problems facing young students. How can one plan study sessions when everyone you encounter in and out of lockdown should be avoided socially? Since the work-from-home lifestyle and online learning have permeated the educational system, virtual study sessions are only logical. There is now a technology of the future called the net.

Ana White

Ana Blanca’s study sessions are watched by 46,000 people on Twitch. Because more people watch her videos on TikTok and YouTube than Twitch, there are almost twice as many of them (85,000). In terms of money, Blanca claimed that she could make between $1,000 and $1,700 in a respectable streaming month.

But Twitch streamers’ viewpoints need to be updated. To begin with, it’s not always easy to sit down and conduct some studying. It takes a lot of motivation and luxury to record oneself, just like with any other quiet content production (especially on live streams). The developers of the platform have received numerous criticisms regarding the “learn with me” gaming subgenre as well as other games. Combining all genres of musicians will only result in a plethora of misconceptions about different study streams.



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