There was already contact with Eintracht Frankfurt in 2021

Mario Götze is back in the Bundesliga. The former star of FC Bayern and BVB has signed on for the new season at Eintracht Frankfurt after his adventure abroad in Eindhoven. On Tuesday afternoon, the 30-year-old was officially introduced to the Adlerträger and revealed, among other things, that the SGE managers had him on their screens a year ago. wrote down the most important statements.

Mario Goetze is back! The media volume surrounding the presentation of the 2014 world champion was just as great as the expectations for the coming season. Nevertheless, Götze does not feel any particular pressure when he returns to the Bundesliga, as he revealed.

“It’s appreciation, that’s a positive thing. It also speaks to what I’ve achieved in recent years. It’s nice, but my focus is on the club and what’s to come,” said the 30-year-old on one Press conference on Tuesday in Frankfurt. There, the goal scorer of the 2014 World Cup final signed a contract until June 30, 2025.

Götze also revealed that he was contacted by Eintracht Frankfurt officials last year. “There was already a request. But it was different then. I was only in Holland for a year and wanted to get something done with PSV. That’s why it’s only now becoming more concrete,” said the former national player, who was already there in the morning completed the first training session under head coach Oliver Glasner.

“It felt very, very positive. Especially given the conditions with many fans and good weather. I’m very happy,” said Götze.

Many factors spoke in favor of the Hessians: “On the one hand the club, the emotional fans, the stadium, the league. It was an all-round good package. Also the discussions with those responsible. The package together made me sign here,” described Gotze.

The most important statements by Mario Götze to read:

+++ Götze about contact with the SBU a year ago +++

“There was a request a year ago. But it was different then. I was only in Holland for a year and wanted to get something done with PSV. That’s why it’s only now becoming more concrete.”

+++ Götze on the apartment search +++

“I’ll have to ask my colleagues. But I’ll find something quickly, I think. It’ll be something close to the city, but I don’t know where exactly yet.”

+++ Götze on his role in SGE football +++

“You saw it most in the Europa League games. The consistency that was there in the important games, fighting to the last point, that characterizes the work of Frankfurt, in the synergy with the fans very special achievements I find that exciting, my goal is to be able to do my part, to be the piece of the puzzle that is needed.

+++ Götze about the time in Holland +++

“It was interesting to play in a different league. It was a bit different from the German league, but not that much different.”

+++ Götze on the decision for Frankfurt +++

“You’ve heard a lot about the good development here in recent years. In the last few weeks, the talks have become more concrete.”

+++ Götze about Bayern and BVB +++

“I’m looking forward to the Bundesliga, playing against Bayern, playing against Dortmund. These are special games. Right at the start against Bayern, I think there are worse.”

+++ Was Hansi Flick also a transfer congratulator? ++


+++ Götze on the World Cup chances in the DFB team +++

“I think the most important thing for me is that I’m getting better, that I’m getting better with the team. A few years ago I had a certain role in the DFB team and played in a lot of games. But that’s different at the moment and not an issue for me. My focus is currently on the club, playing Bundesliga and Champions League. Everything else is not in my head. It’s too far away for that.”

+++ Götze about the city of Frankfurt +++

“We will move here, we will have the center of our lives here. I read recently: a city worth living in. I have a few friends here who I visited a few times. The connection to the airport, the stadium here, the fans. That everything speaks for the city. I look forward to experiencing it in a new way.”

+++ Götze on the Champions League +++

“I’m really interested in the premier class. It’s important to me to play internationally. I’m looking forward to the opponents, the rhythm, playing every few days. I want to attack again.”

+++ Götze on his football pitch last week +++

“After the medical and the signing, I went relatively spontaneously with friends to a football field, spontaneously said hello there. Luckily I stayed, it was less training and more fun.”

+++ Götze on the persuasion work of the SGE +++

“All the trappings, the interaction with the fans, that’s a great synergy. That was the decisive factor for me to take this step. I want to help build on this foundation. I’m looking forward to that.”

+++ Götze about his time at PSV +++

“I had a good time, first of all, I’ve had very good experiences. Especially with the coaching team around Roger Schmidt. That was good for the moment. Now I just want to prove something to myself, I’m looking forward to what’s to come. Me I hope to get everything I can, I want to improve my, keep getting better as an athlete.

+++ Götze about his experience(s) +++

“It’s important for me to go out on the pitch and perform there. After two years of Corona, I want to enjoy it in front of and with the fans. It doesn’t matter what happened in the last few years. Regardless of what has been achieved or not achieved . I want to look ahead.”

+++ Götze on contact with Coach Glasner +++

“It’s important for me to make friends quickly, to get into the system quickly in order to bring my strengths to bear. I’ve already talked to Oliver Glasner about that.”

+++ Götze on his skills against defensive opponents +++

“In the end, the coach always decides how we want to play. My strengths are in the last third against deep opponents, finding space in narrow gaps, I want to make my contribution, have an impact on success, perform well and win games .”

+++ Götze on the Europa League miracle of the SGE +++

“It wasn’t just good last season, it’s been impressive for years. Winning this trophy was impressive, it was the highlight. You shared the excitement. Sensational performance.”

+++ Götze on the media crowd and the expectations +++

“I see the great attention as appreciation. But my focus is on the club. I’m excited about the league, the upcoming challenges. The focus is on what’s to come.”

+++ Götze on the reasons for his move +++

“The overall package convinced me. The sporting development, the stadium, the fans, the league.”

+++ Götze on the first day of training +++

“It was very, very positive. Good weather, good training ground. Lots of fans. I’m very happy.”

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