The worrying fact of Stephen Curry that terrifies the Golden State Warriors

Under any concept, Golden State Warriors has lost its status as one of the favorites for the title in the National Basketball Association (NBA) 2021-2022. However, little by little it has been diminishing in certain aspects.

The first of these is the irrefutable fact of the absence of Draymond Green and its impact on the field. There is no question how important this player is to Steve Kerr, his teammates and the collective functioning.

On the other hand figure Stephen Curry, who seems to have entered a “slump” offensive. For several commitments he has not shone as he has used to his fans in the best basketball in the world.

Of course, he is a human being and at any time can be allowed to fail or tone it down, though, that doesn’t excuse the fact that a lot is expected of him as the offensive heart of the Bay.

The data on Stephen Curry speaks

The record that worries the Golden State Warriors is their sudden decline in 3-point shooting effectiveness. According to the statistics portal, Statmuse, ‘Steph’ has missed 95 shots of her last 135.

Stephen Curry (Photo: Stacy Revere | Getty Images)

On the other hand, his bad moment coupled with the fact that in San Francisco they do not stop winning, reaffirms the fact positive that Kerr found the formula for not depend so many awesome shots Curry’s on the stave.


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