The words of Héctor Herrera after arriving at the Houston Dynamo and the MLS

The Mexican Héctor Herrera has made it clear that he did not come to American football to stroll, but to be competitive and aspire to titles.

The Major League Soccer (MLS) It is going through sweet weeks for the prestige and growth of the category, projecting itself internationally after the arrival of high-caliber figures to various institutions, such as the arrival of the Mexican Hector Herrera a houston dynamo.

With extensive experience in Europe, Herrera prepares to face a new challenge in his careerthis time in North America, being one of the most recent prestigious players to join the American football experience.

Justly, his signing aroused the attention of the mediaTherefore, in a press conference he revealed what exactly he expects from his time at the Dynamo, emphasizing that he wants to win to obtain titles.

Hector Herrera speaks

“I think that the project, the future that awaits us is very big and I am here to win titles. I think I’ve reached my best moment, where I can still give my best, where I can help the team to get to the top, to win, and I think the main thing that motivated me to make this decision, to come to this great club, is ambition.” Herrera assured.

Hector Herrera (Photo: Houston Dynamo)

To finish, the Aztec former Atlético de Madrid declared what he has to offer the Houston Dynamo:“I can offer the best of me for this project, and not in a few years [cuando] I couldn’t give my best on the pitch anymore.”

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