“The women’s quota doesn’t hurt”

“ZDF” sports reporter Claudia Neumann has once again spoken out in favor of a women’s quota in German football.

“Before I dealt with it intensively, I found the women’s quota rather negative. But: the quota doesn’t hurt,” said the 58-year-old in an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. Instead of accusing women of a lack of competence, she believes that women should be recognized as an asset to football – a quota for women is essential for the entry-level phase.

Football is “still a long way from equality,” said Neumann after she was asked about the new managing director of the German Football League, Donata Hopfen. “It remains to be seen whether the announcements made by the German Football Association, for example, that women will be more involved in the future, are merely symbolic politics or are actually filled with life,” said Neumann, who repeatedly criticized her commitment and performance on the microphone on social networks had been. Because it’s not simply “about the existence of women, but about acceptance, recognition and self-evidence.”

Neumann admitted that she put the topic of women in football away from herself for 25 years. But now she has caught up with the topic: “I’m very happy about that, because I now see it as an important task and, in cooperation with other women, I’m able to provide added value.” Her advantage was that, like all her male colleagues, she was socialized with football. However, this is no longer a requirement these days. “I’d like to encourage young women to stay true to themselves and not be driven by the expectations of others,” Neumann said.


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