The WEC drives the 6 hours from Monza

The WEC is approaching Italy. The 6 hours of Monza are coming up next Sunday. is broadcasting the first phase of the race here as a live stream. From 4:15 p.m. the colleagues from NITRO will take over!

Attention motorsport fans: On Sunday, the WEC Endurance World Championship will be held at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy. Motorsport action is guaranteed on the 5,763 meter long track with the evocative name. Because Monza is all about speed. transmits the first phase of WEC-race in Monza at the Sunday July 10thaway 11:50 a.m in the live stream (The video will then open at the top of the article image!).

While passionate Italian fans have enjoyed a popular Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Autodromo Nazionale for decades, the 2022 World Endurance Championship returns to Monza for only the second time.

The track is characterized by long straights and a few slow sections. So the vehicles have to be trimmed for maximum performance, but at the same time the focus is also on reliability for the full six hours.

Because Ferrari is entering the WEC with its own car in 2023, the Monza racetrack is likely to become even more important for the Endurance World Championship in the coming years.

But the current issue also promises plenty of excitement. 39 vehicles are starting in the 10th season of the traditional series, setting a new record just in time for the anniversary.

WEC Endurance World Championship: The 6 Hours of Monza

  • When? Sunday 10 July 2022.
  • Where? From 11:50 a.m. at our place stream. The grand finale from 4:15 p.m. live on free TV NITRO.

Alpine riders Nicolas Lapierre (France), André Negrao (Brazil) and Matthieu Vaxivière (France) are currently leading the overall standings, with the winners of the opening race at Sebring having defended their lead ever since.

However, the big favorite in Monza is Toyota. A spectacular retirement in the USA was followed by a first place at Spa and a double success at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Now it’s time for Monza, the fourth of a total of six races. broadcast from Monza from 11:50 a.m., from 4:15 p.m. the colleagues from NITRO for the hot final phase in the Temple of Speed.

In September, the 6 Hours of Fuji (09/11) and the 8 Hours of Bahrain (11/12) will follow in the WEC.

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