The Warriors star who prevents Kevin Durant from seeing Stephen Curry again in Golden State

Despite the rumors about a possible return of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, there is a fellow star of Stephen Curry who prevents it by an NBA rule.

Barely a few seconds, perhaps minutes, passed since the news broke that Kevin Durant requested an exchange Brooklyn Nets and speculation with a possible return to Golden State Warriors they started in 3, 2, 1… Will he play with Stephen Curry?

There are two narratives in the world of the NBA on Durant’s return to the Warriors. The first scenario posits that KD’s return to Golden State “it is very unlikely” according to Marcus Thompson II, from the Thle Athletic portal, but…

Thompson also reported that the stars of the Golden State Warriors have already spoken with Kevin Durant about a comeback and Stephen Curry and company reached a conclusion that opens the doors to see KD again in the Dubs. However, there is one big impediment.

The nba rules they prevent a team from having on the roster two players with designated rookie extensions, who came to the franchise via trade. For this reason, we discarded the first teams that could not go for Durant. Are the Warriors included?



The Warriors star who prevents seeing KD again with Curry in Golden State

On the Brooklyn Nets roster is Ben Simmons, a player who received a designated rookie extension and came via trade, so they couldn’t get another player under this modality. Everything gets complicated here, because the best offer the Golden State Warriors could make by Kevin Durant would include Andrew Wiggins, who has the same employment status as Simmons. The Dubs star is the main impediment to seeing KD again with Stephen Curry. It’s not your fault…


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