The truth about Draymond Green that worries Stephen Curry and Warriors

TO Golden State Warriors he is doing very well this season National Basketball Association (NBA), there is no doubt about that. But nevertheless, Stephen Curry and company care about one of its greatest figures, Draymond Green.

the jersey 23 of the quintet of the Bay remains off the boards due to injury. On this occasion, his back is the one that deprives the player of seeing action, since it was determined that the pain suffered in the left calf is related to a disk in the lower part of the back.

Therapy and be evaluated during the days following leaving the game last Sunday, January 9, against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Precisely, during the return of Klay Thompson, Given this, the team wonders when he will be able to return.

Draymond Gree, backbone of the Golden State Warriors

The NBA insider on ESPN, MacStein, was present at NBA Today, where clarified an extremely important factor for Steve Kerr and company. While asked about Thompson, he dropped a real bombshell about Green.

“I’m probably more worried right now about Draymond Green. He still has another week before the Warriors reevaluate him. But in this momentI keep hearing that there is no light at the end of the tunnel”, Stein stated.

Draymond Green (Photo: Thearon W. Henderson | Getty Images)

Warriors are 4-4 since losing Draymond. Clearly, he is a key piece for the team. Something similar happened when the Utah Jazz lost Rudy Gobert, so Curry hopes to have his teammate back as soon as possible.


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