The Sixers could wait until the summer to move for James Harden

It is undeniable that Ben Simmons is the main figure of interest between now and the closing of the transfer market. Not just him, but above all, whatever the Philadelphia 76ers can get for his departure. But the closer the deadline draws, the more questions arise about whether Morey will end up accepting any offers. In fact, the latest rumors suggest that his first option would be to wait until the summer to get James Harden through a sign and trade.

Shams Charania and Sam Amick are in charge of collect this information for The Athletic. Recently, Daryl Morey dropped that it would not be crazy to let this transfer period go by without making a move. The executive does not want to make a move that slightly improves the team, but one that puts the Sixers in the list of candidates taking advantage of the moment of grace that Joel Embiid is experiencing. And James Harden responds to that player profile.

According to the journalists, this does not mean that Harden is the only option, since it would be worth it with a player that Morey considers of his caliber. Nor does it necessarily imply that the Sixers are going to wait for the next off-season, since the fronts are still open. The executive’s devotion to the Nets point guard is no secret, but Morey knows he has to risk it so as not to lose a year like the one Embiid is starring in.

(Cover photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

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