The record that Harden and Curry have but Jordan and LeBron don’t


One of the attractions that National Basketball Association (NBA) offers its fans is to be able to admire great stars on the court who perform incredible actions. Michael Jordan He did it at the time and for several years the revelation has been in the hands of Lebron James.

Of course, there are also other names that add a unique flavor to the commitments of the best basketball in the world. Stephen Curry is one of themalong with James Harden, Kevin Durant, and the new generation like Luka Doncic or Trae Young.

The truth is that despite so many names, many fans opt for two in particular, giving life to a debate that seems eternal lebron v jordan, both have years generating strong discussions about who is better and why.

Harden and Curry yes, LeBron and Jordan no

There are records that, curiously, LeBron James and Michael Jordan they did not succeed at the time, showing that other players also have something to do with it. Examples of this are ‘La Barba’ and ‘Steph’.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James (Photo: Getty Images)

Harden and Curry They are part of the list of players with 5 consecutive games billing more than 30 units and 5 triples in the history of the NBA. There is also Damian Lillard and Gary Trent Jr, but strangely, ‘Bron and MJ are gone.



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