The problem that LeBron James will have with the return of Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers

inside of Los angeles lakers they insist they won’t do an evaluation of the team’s performance until they are complete, injury-free and with all their stars available. Maybe this won’t happen until the end of the season NBA 2021-22 or maybe it will take a while, while this hope is preserved, a lifeguard called Lebron James.

After missing 12 games due to ankle injuries, abdominal injuries and a false positive for covid-19, LeBron showed that the 37-year-old remains one of the best players in the NBA. James changed position and the Lakers they started to win.

The Los Angeles Lakers snapped a 5-game losing streak with Lebron James playing as a center. ‘The king’ He is willing to leave every last drop of sweat in the paint while the team starts to win and the numbers support it, but… Everything would change with the return of Anthony Davis. Trouble in sight!

LeBron averages 32.1 points and almost 10 rebounds in 36 minutes per game when he plays center on the Lakers. These numbers beat no one else and no less than the current NBA Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokoumpo, and his average of 29.1 points. It is clear, James as a center performs in the Los Angeles team. But nevertheless…

The problem that LeBron James will have with the return of Anthony Davis to the Lakers

Frank Vogel stated that the direction the Los Angeles Lakers are going when they return Anthony Davis, has not played since December 17, 2021, is that ‘The eyebrow’ I played 5 (center) and LeBron James left the position that brought him such good performance. a problem for ‘The king’!


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