The player LeBron James traded for Russell Westbrook wants to play with Stephen Curry

One of the bombshell trades that would change the narrative of the NBA would be the one who dared to do LeBron James at the 2019 All-Star Game when he decided that Russell Westbrook he will not play in his team to bring a player that in the 2021-22 season he wants to play with Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic.

The Philadelphia 76ers went from fighting for the top spots in the Eastern Conference to being in the middle of the standings for, among other reasons, not having one of his stars because he doesn’t want to play in the team anymore that led Joel Embid.

During a training camp in 2017, Lebron James gave the blessing to the player who wishes to go to Golden State Warriors or Dallas Mavericks: “You have the opportunity to be better than me, but you can’t skip any steps. You have to do the work.”

With LeBron’s compliment and an exchange that went around the world of NBA, the new chapter of Ben Simmons It could be another bomb in the league and, although I see few possibilities, when there is desire and desire, nothing can be ruled out in the best basketball in the world.

Ben Simmons wants to play for the Golden State Warriors or Dallas Mavericks

“According to a source in the camp of Simmons: His favorite teams in the West are the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors. He realizes that GSW is highly unlikely and thinks the asking price for Philly is too high. He’s afraid the 76ers won’t trade him at all.” said Mo Mooncey, of Sky Sports (Sports), about the desire he has Ben Simmons to play alongside Stephen Curry or Luka Doncic.


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