The only player to beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in a Super Bowl retires

The low season of National Football League (NFL) has had several surprises over the course of its first few weeks, and with the Free Agency more calm and a Draft that is getting closer, news does not stop appearing.

After 13 seasons in the league, safety Malcolm Jenkins has decided to end his careerin a trajectory that included steps remembered by both New Orleans Saints as with philadelphia eaglesbeing selected three times to the Pro Bowl.

In addition, his most important achievements include two rings of superbowlone with each of the mentioned franchises, although in them he achieved something that no one could ever achieve in the history of the NFL. Bolavip tells you about Jenkins’ unusual record in his two SB victories.

Jenkins and his positive record in Super Bowl

Malcolm Jenkins is retiring from the NFL. (Getty Images)

In addition to the more than 1,000 tackles Malcolm Jenkins made during his career, in his two Super Bowl victories he was successful against Peyton Manning (with New Orleans Saints) and Tom Brady (with Philadelphia Eagles), becoming the only player in history to beat both quarterbacks in the final game of the season.


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