The Nets hold out hope for a full-time Kyrie Irving

It shows in the environment. As surreal as the situation is, the Nets as a whole and their players as individuals can’t help but be overjoyed at Kyrie Irving’s return. knowing smiles, greetings brotherhood and dynamics on the court reveal that he wants to please and Brooklyn wants to please him. With an environment like this, which should be rarefied and yet is shiny, it is logical that the franchise hopes to see it every day. And so makes it known Adrian Wojnarowski in his last intervention for Sports Center, reiterating that the franchise hopes Irving can finish playing home games before the end of the current season.

After signing one of the most convincing games of the season against the Bulls, James Harden was asked the same question every day: Will we see Kyrie Irving playing at home? The answer It was less routine. “I’ll vaccinate him if necessary,” Harden said sarcastically before getting up laughing. Until now the conspiracy in the Brooklyn environment was not to pressure the player and let him make his own decisions. Although La Barba has had a hard time following the script a little more than Kevin Durant. But now the joke is allowed, and it connects with that happiness with which it seems that the Nets meet again in each game as visitors.

Woj’s comment was accompanied by some voices pointing to the possibility of the Nets paying a fine for playing Kyrie in states whose restrictions do not allow his participation. That is the extent of the cynicism regarding the franchise after giving its arm to twist with Irving’s return to road games. However, Wojnarowski himself has denied this possibility, since this ‘bribery’ is not allowed by any means.

The question is this. Does the Nets’ hope stem from the possibility that Kyrie Irving ends up getting vaccinated or from a change in New York law? A few days ago to think the first thing would have been nonsense. But Irving leaves loopholes for speculation. “It was hard for me to accept the absence. I felt like I was missing something. I watched the games and it was like drinking something you don’t want to drink. I wanted to be with the boys.” For many prejudices that surround him, Kyrie Irving is also endowed with a feeling of belonging. There would be no greater rubric than putting aside their iron values ​​for the good of the group. Although it is still the most remote option. Kyrie’s ideals aren’t made of the stuff of Beal or Wiggins.

It’s more likely that the Nets will keep their hopes up on the second part of the question. While it is true that the pandemic is going through or has gone through a sharp spike in infections due to the Omicron variant, it is also true that these have been much more controllable at the health level. Even in a country like the United States, where the percentage of unvaccinated citizens far exceeds what we can see in Europe. Since the vaccine has been shown to work better at reducing the risks of the disease than at dissipating contagion, it is to be expected that some states will begin to be more lax with the restrictions from now on. Until then, Irving has 19 games left to play of the 22 Steve Nash’s men will face on the road.

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