The most wanted in the NFL? The two franchises that have already offered the Houston Texans for Deshaun Watson

After more than a year, deshaun watson solved their problems with the justice of the United States, which determined that no criminal retaliation will be taken against the quarterback, despite the more than 22 complaints and accusations of sexual abuse and harassment by women.

In this way, the QB is once again in the exchange market of the NFL and since the 2020 season ended that the star is known to be dissatisfied with Houston Texans, so a new team is assured. The question is which.

Miami Dolphins was the main candidate, but they dropped out a while ago, and then the rumors indicated Pittsburgh Steelers, but that door was closed after several reliable reports. However, there are already two teams that did make an offer and want the controversial quarterback.

Deshaun Watson and the franchises with offers

According to insiders Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFLNetwork, the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers They’ve already made offers to the Texans for Watson and will likely meet with the quarterback soon.

There are other teams that are involved in the matter. Watson, who has a clause he can activate so he won’t be traded if he doesn’t like the team, you want to meet with franchisees before agreeing to a deal. Houston will allow these meetings in advance, according to reports.


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