The Grizzlies remain intractable and add their 11th victory in a row

The Timberwolves were also unable to end the Grizzlies’ streak. The Minnesota team became this morning the 11th consecutive victim of the Memphis team, who beat them 116-108 to continue the best streak in their history and continue to excite their team. With this victory, the Tennessee team already has 30 so far this season, which places them in third position in the West and brings them closer to the Warriors in the fight for second place.

The Wolves even threatened to take the match, because, with the help of their three main figures, they kept the duel tight and even managed to have advantages in decisive moments. Anthony Edwards, D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns shone with 30, 29 and 25 points respectively, making their team look the hosts up despite little help from their teammates. In fact, with a basket by Russell with less than 3 minutes left, Finch’s men came to take the lead in the final stretch (105-106), but a great finish by the Grizzlies prevented them from finishing the job.

Going 11-0, Memphis reacted wonderfully and managed to not only regain the lead, but also avoid a tight finish where they could get a scare. Jenkins’s side responded to perfection when they found themselves on the ropes, once again displaying a determination and resourcefulness that make this magnificent winning streak a serious warning to the rest of the league.

Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. were in charge of leading the team in scoring with 21 and 20 points, while Ja Morant had some trouble adding baskets and stayed at 16 after signing a 5/16 shot. The base, however, returned to act as director and organizer of his team’s offense, and managed to add 9 assists and add 8 rebounds to continue his good moment.

The Grizzlies also had a surprise guest, as John Konchar emerged as one of the unexpected figures of the match. The shooting guard was in charge of leading the second local unit with 15 points and 17 rebounds (personal record), and was fundamental in the last quarter with a tap and a triple that helped his team seal the victory.

“He gives us a lot of things on the track” said Morant praising his partner. “You can’t leave it open. It is a fundamental piece of our system starting from the bench. Also, grab 17 rebounds playing in the back court It’s a very difficult thing to do.” Konchar, for his part, also had good words for the point guard, although perhaps he was guilty of being excessively technical in his analysis: “He is good at playing basketball, I don’t know if you have noticed,” he said.

(Cover photo: Justin Ford/Getty Images)

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