The Brooklyn Nets learned of Kyrie’s decision via Twitter.

As much as Kyrie Irving has decided to accept his player option and, presumably, stay with the Nets, it doesn’t mean that the relationship between player and franchise is very buoyant. Both seemed to walk completely parallel paths in recent days. With irving waging war on his own and Sean Marks keeping the pulse. So much so, that sources close to Brooklyn reveal that the franchise found out about the decision of your player via Twitter.

Kyrie thought to get in direct contact with Shams Charania so that broadcast your message informally was the ideal way to settle the matter. The base will receive the almost 37 million dollars of his player option, thus ending the first soap opera of the summer. The main league spokesmen point out that this will also calm the waters with Kevin Durant and the team in general.

Although there are several who prefer to think that this is not over. Shams Charania himself suggests in your article today that Brooklyn could seek a transfer in this same market. It should also be remembered that KD has not talked to the franchise for a long time, that he decided to stay out of the negotiations with Kyrie and that several rumors pointed to a possible transfer request in case his friend leaves.

Either way, what Irving’s decision means is putting the Nets back in control. Adrian Wojnarowski himself explain today in ESPN that Kyrie has given his arm to twist because he had run out of tools to force his hand more. When the market opens next Thursday, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be players for the Brooklyn Nets, and that should be enough for the franchise to continue to believe in what they do.

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