The Blazers ensure the continuity of Jusuf Nurkic

Jusuf Nurkic has agreed to a four-year, $70 million contract with the Portland Trail Blazers to seal his continuity in the organization, according to journalists have advanced ESPNAdrian Wojnorowski and Tim Bontemps.

The Bosnian midfielder played 56 games for the Oregonians this season, averaging 15.0 points and 11.1 rebounds. Previously, various ankle and wrist injuries limited his appearance to just 45 games combined in the previous two seasons. Since his addition in 2017 from the Denver Nuggets, Nurkic has been part of the main core of the team.

After a fateful year punctuated by the injury of Damian Lillard and the transfer of important pieces like CJ McCollum, the Blazers will try to offer a lot of war again in the Western Conference. To do this, they have also renewed the promising Anfernee Simons, in addition to closing the acquisition of Jerami Grant and Gary Payton II.

(Cover photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

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