The best Pokemon game in years? Pokémon legends: Arceus in the test

After years of monotony, game developer Game Freak dares to take a long overdue step in the direction of modern role-playing games in the eyes of many fans. Pokémon and an open world that requires skill and responsiveness – does that go together?

“Pokémon Legends: Arceus” is the fourth game in the main series on the Nintendo Switch. While the first three offshoots are still based on traditional elements such as a more or less tubular world or numerous obligatory turn-based battles, a fresh breeze is finally coming into the Series.

Because the new part presents the fans with a game world that almost deserves the term Open World. Strictly speaking, it is a handful of open sub-areas, but the size and variety of the locations generate an extensive map, which definitely invites you to explore extensively.

Atmospherically successful overall package

In terms of atmosphere, there is a mix of tried and tested ingredients and elements from the successful role-playing game Breath of the Wild. The story, the soundtrack or the free camera work deliver a successful overall package, which is perfectly embedded in the unknown vastness of the new game world.

All in all, “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” delivers a potentially very extensive gaming experience thanks to the fact that numerous side tasks await in addition to the main story. As usual, there is the option to complete your own Pokédex, for example.

Since new tasks are unlocked by extensions in this regard and wild Pokémon roam freely in the world like in the Let’s Go remakes of the first generation, said mammoth task in “Pokémon Legends Arceus” includes a significantly lower frustration factor than in some other parts of the series .

Reactions required in real time

The innovations are particularly important when it comes to interacting with wild Pokémon. Because this is where the character of an action role-playing game comes into play.

A sneak system and various items ensure, for example, that fights can be avoided thanks to clever behavior on the controller. Even if the controls seem to take some getting used to at first, they offer numerous opportunities to make life easier as the game progresses.

This also applies to the newly introduced boss fights. Players have to successfully dodge and aim in real time in order to survive against the so-called kings and queens.

The graphics leave a lot to be desired

A crafting system that invites you to collect materials or the combat techniques introduced for the first time round off the new gaming experience. Even the level of difficulty has finally been increased, as has often been requested on social media.

Only graphically does “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” fall short of the expectations of many fans. Technically, there are no major problems at first glance, but purely visually it is not necessarily a treat.


Overall, the developers did a very good job of merging the extremely popular Pokémon universe and the hip genre of action role-playing games with “Pokémon Legends Arceus”. The game is varied, convinces with a harmonious atmosphere and a huge new game world.

If you’ve enjoyed previous installments in the series or are new to the franchise, you probably won’t regret purchasing Pokémon Legends Arceus at all. On the other hand, if you don’t really know what to do with action role-playing games or if you value graphic highlights, you shouldn’t necessarily grab it.


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