The best match in history? All the records that Mahomes’ Chiefs and Josh Allen’s Bills broke in the NFL Playoffs

It was crazy. The weekend of the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs 2022 It was possibly the best in history. All the games were decided on the end and, as if it were written in Hollywood, they saved the best for last with the Kansas City Chiefs vs. buffalo bills.

A high-flying meeting between patrick mahomes, the field marshal destined to be the heir to Tom Brady, and his rival who already seemed to be his Peyton Manning, Josh Allen. Two elite QBs who, like the future of the NFL that they are, provided an unparalleled show.

Finally, they triumphed as in the past Playoffs, the Chiefs 42-36 in overtime, where there was controversy because its rules did not give the Bills a chance to respond to the winning touchdown. However, the match left behind a lot of incredible records that Bolavip shows below:

The last two minutes of the Chiefs vs. Bills

The end was for the heart attack and left no room for anyone to breathe at any time. In the last two minutes of regular time there were 25 points between both teams, the most in a postseason game, and second-most in the Super Bowl era (since 1966).

The record numbers of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen

Was the first playoff game where: Both QBs had 300+ passing yards and 3 TD passes, Y both shot with an effectiveness greater than 70% of their passes. It is also the second game in history in which both quarterbacks lead their teams in rushing yards. To end, both had a QB rating greater than 90 (Mahomes 96.3 and Allen 90.3). is the This is the first time this has happened in the last 10 years..


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