That’s why Fernando Alonso decided against Alpine

Formula 1 expert Marc Surer can understand why Alpine Fernando Alonso only wanted to give Alonso a one-year contract for 2023 with an option for another season in 2024 and not a multi-year contract like Alonso found and signed at Aston Martin.

“The clock is ticking at Alonso. He can maybe continue in this form for another year or two. I’m sure that will wear off at some point,” Surer explained to “”.

“I think a driver loses a few hundredths of a second a year, but he compensates for this with his commitment and experience. Nevertheless, sooner or later it will have an effect. Especially in qualifying, when pure time really counts,” suspected Surer.

For the Swiss, there are two reasons why Alonso decided against Alpine and for Aston Martin.

Surer: Why Alonso decided against Alpine

First: A one-year contract with an option may have been “not enough” for the 41-year-old, because Alonso knows exactly: “The older he gets, the smaller the chances that he can still drive for another team.”

Secondly: “Alpine is stagnating a bit. Compared to last year, they are standing still. It’s not like they are on the rise now. And at Aston Martin there is at least hope that the new people, who are actually all too late for this year, going up next year.”

But even if Aston Martin should make progress: Surer does not believe that the team has a chance of becoming world champion by the end of 2025 – Alonso will be 44 by then. He says: “He’s seen with other teams how long it takes to get up. No, he won’t be able to do that with Aston Martin.”

Two alpha animals: can that work out?

Especially since many observers in the new constellation definitely locate explosives. Both Alonso and his new boss Lawrence Stroll are considered alpha animals. But that doesn’t necessarily have to end in tears, Surer believes: “It can go well because both want to go in the same direction.”

“And if they short circuit […], then heads can roll very quickly at Aston Martin. So you have to reckon with that. This has happened more often in Alonso’s past. From that point of view, I do believe that the two of them can make a difference if they pull together.”

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