Tennis, Wimbledon | Shitstorm for Emma Raducanu after Kyrgios tweet

Nick Kyrgios is and remains the number one topic of conversation at the tennis tournament in Wimbledon. After reaching the semi-finals, the Australian opened up about the charges against him from his ex-girlfriend Down Under. At the same time, the “Bad Boy” was backed by shooting star Emma Raducanu, who drew the anger of the fans.

Although his ex-girlfriend made allegations of violence against Nick Kyrgios a few days ago and officially filed a complaint, Wimbledon officials gave the Australian the green light to continue participating in the Grand Slam tournament.

After beating Christian Garin in the quarter-finals, the Australian publicly commented on the allegations for the first time.

The 27-year-old explained at the press conference on Wednesday that he had many thoughts and things that he wanted to say about the case: “But my lawyers advised me not to comment on the case. I can’t say much at the moment. “

He understands the need for answers, “and I don’t want to sound like a broken record either, but I can’t say anything on the subject.”

Kyrgios’ ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari had filed charges against the tennis star at the beginning of the week. She accuses him of assault in December 2021. At the beginning of August, Kyrgios has to answer to the court. The Australian’s lawyer said: “These are very serious allegations and Mr Kyrgios takes them very seriously.”

Raducanu support for Kyrgios upsets fans

Despite the allegations of violence, many fans are still behind the 27-year-old. Among his supporters is the British shooting star Emma Raducanu.

The US Open winner, who failed early on in Wimbledon, congratulated Kyrgios on his semi-finals via Twitter. Many fans resented the fact that she did so after the headlines that were now emerging.

On the short message platform, numerous users let their frustration run wild and accused Raducanu of poor judgment. “I’m not sure what your stats are. Character matters, on court and in real life,” wrote one user. Another commented: “Admiring Rafa is one thing but Kyrgios… You know he’s been accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend?”

Numerous users commented on the post simply with the words “Really, Emma?!” and described their support for Kyrgios as a “really bad decision”.

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