Tennis, Wimbledon | Görges reveals: Maria will “unnerve” opponent

Tatjana Maria has a historic chance: On Thursday (from 2:30 p.m. in the live ticker on the German will fight against her friend Ons Jabeur from Tunisia for a place in the Wimbledon final. Julia Görges has already been in a semi-final on the holy lawn in her tennis career and knows which tactics can lead to success.

After her success in the quarter-finals against Jule Niemeier, Tatjana Maria is only two wins away from becoming a big tennis sensation. The world number 106. has only won two WTA tournaments in singles in the course of her career, now there is even a chance for a Grand Slam.

Julia Görges, who ended her active tennis career about two years ago and failed in the semi-finals of Serena Williams in Wimbledon in 2018, knows the 34-year-old’s style of play very well. “Tadde has a gift for anticipating the ball incredibly early, she simply sees very often where the ball is being played,” explained Görges in an interview with “sky“.

Maria “gives herself chances again and again with her tenacity, her bite and her fighting spirit” that “her opponent makes mistakes”. She showed this especially in the duel against Elena Ostapenko, who gambled away all her chances of winning.

Match against girlfriend Jabeur “something special”

Lurking for mistakes is one of Maria’s tactics: “She unnerves her opponent with her style of play. She knows exactly what she’s doing and where she has to place the ball to get the opponent right there. And that’s also a gift and a Strength in tennis.” This is comparable to chess, where it is about “putting the opponent out of position”.

After her match against Jule Niemeier, Tatjana Maria now meets an old friend in Ons Jabeur in the semifinals. This will not result in a problem on the court, according to Julia Görges. On the contrary: “It’s something special because Ons is very close to Charlotte and Cecilia [Töchter von Maria, Anm. d. Red.] power. I think it’s just going to be nice for both of them.”

Jabeur is a player who “doesn’t mind the slice that much because she likes to play the slice herself”. Similar to Jule Niemeier, the Tunisian likes to go online.

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