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Serious allegations against Nick Kyrgios. The Australian tennis bully is said to have physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend. Charges have been filed with the competent authorities in Canberra. The 27-year-old has to appear in court in just a few weeks.

After Nick Kyrgios caused trouble in the past few days, especially on the Wimbledon tennis courts, the Australian is now threatened with even greater harm. Kyrgios’ ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari accuses the 27-year-old of assault and has already filed charges with the competent court in Canberra.

Local police confirmed to Australian media that Kyrgios is due to appear in court on August 2 in relation to an incident believed to have happened in December 2021. In the worst case, he faces two years in prison under Australian law.

Kyrgios lawyer confirms the charges

Kyrgios attorney Jason Moffett explained the “Canberra Times“that the charges were brought in the context of a personal relationship. “These are very serious allegations and Mr Kyrgios takes them very seriously, too,” Moffett said.

As the case is being heard in court, his client will not comment at this time, the attorney said. “But we will release a statement in due course.”

The headlines are untimely for the 27-year-old Australian. Only on Monday did he make it into the quarter-finals at Wimbledon. His quarter-final match against Chilean Christian Garin is already scheduled for Wednesday.

It remains to be seen how the fans in London will react to the allegations that have now arisen. However, Kyrgios will probably have to reckon with even greater headwinds. Already in the first week of the tournament he drew the anger of many spectators with his behavior.

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