Tennis: mob scandal about Novak Djokovic’s father

A small Olympic message lets Srdjan Djokovic rage. Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic’s father deals against Australia and oddly points to China.

But one after anonther. The Australian curler Tahli Gill gets a positive corona test before the Olympic match against Switzerland. So far, so unfortunately almost normal. Isolation in the quarantine hotel, the Australians are already preparing for the journey home. But then the turning point.

Australia’s National Olympic Committee protests. Another PCR test by the medical commission shows that the CT value (viral load) is in an acceptable range. Out of quarantine it’s onto the ice (comeback comes with a win).

Curlers are allowed to stay, Djokovic had to leave the country

So – and what does the whole thing have to do with Novak Djokovic? Legitimate question.

Well, father Srdjan felt compelled to compare these events in Beijing with the unspeakable entry drama of his son’s husband, who, as is well known, he had dubbed a kind of Jesus and leader of the free world.

“Ashamed of yourselves a thousandfold!”

As reported by the media in Switzerland and Austria, he complained on Instagram: “Australians, learn from the Chinese how athletes are respected and valued. Be ashamed of yourself a thousand times over!”

Although one has relatively little to do with the other, keyword apples and pears, the father obviously hurts the expulsion of the tennis world rankings.

After a week-long stalemate, the unvaccinated tennis star had to leave Australia. His visa was cancelled. He was unable to defend his title at the Australian Open.

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