Tennis legend gives hope for Federer’s comeback

The Wimbledon lawn classic is entering the hot phase. However, Roger Federer has to follow his favorite tournament as a spectator. Tennis legend Mats Wilander still expects the Swiss to make a comeback.

Roger Federer triumphed eight times in his extraordinary career at Wimbledon. This makes the 40-year-old the record winner on the holy lawn. However, the right-hander has had to pass for about a year due to ongoing injury concerns.

Federer was last on the tennis court in his quarter-finals in Wimbledon in July 2021. Therefore, there is even speculation about a possible career end.

Nevertheless, Mats Wilander expects Federer to return to London as an active athlete. “I’m pretty sure we’ll see him again. If the body cooperates physically, I’m confident that we’ll see him play again at Wimbledon,” said the tennis legend at “Eurosport“.

Wilander compares Federer to Williams

The Swede drew a comparison to Serena Williams, who was eliminated in the first round at Church Road this year. “We saw Serena come out and say, ‘I never thought about retirement, I just enjoy playing,'” Wilander said. The 57-year-old was convinced that Federer would come back “with the same will”.

At the same time, Wilander restricted: “He will only come back if he can keep up with the others.” According to the seven-time Grand Slam champion, the question is: “Does he have the confidence to go to Center Court at Wimbledon next year and believe in beating Djokovic in a quarterfinal? We can’t know that at the moment.”

Federer gives tennis fans hope

At the same time, Wilander reminded of Federer’s ability to cope with injuries. “For me it was the greatest achievement that he came back after four, five, six years without having won and suddenly won the Australian Open in 2017, Wimbledon and then the Australian Open again in 2018,” the TV expert looked back.

Federer himself had given his fans hope a few days ago. “I hope to come back again,” said the tennis icon at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of Center Court in Wimbledon.

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