Tennessee Titans confirmed if they will try to go for Aaron Rodgers

It is clear that any franchise in the National Football League (NFL) would like to have a marshal like Aaron Rodgers in your templateone of the top references in the QB position and a living legend in Green Bay Packerswhere he managed to win a ring of superbowl.

There are several teams that will be looking for a quarterback this offseason and, given the well-known short-circuits between Rodgers and the Packers’ management, his name appears in much of the conversationsespecially of those groups that have the capital to carry out a potential exchange.

One of them could be Tennessee Titanswho while he has a dependable quarterback in Ryan Tannnehill, a talent like Rodgers could be a knockout and a whole new dynamic to an offense that is referenced by the running game led by Derrick Henry.

Aaron Rodgers won’t play on Titans

Ryan Tannehill will remain on the Titans. (Getty Images)

Although there were rumours, a report by Turron Davenport indicates that Tennessee Titans ‘not interested in Aaron Rodgers’ services’which suggests that Mike Vrabel’s team will play with Ryan Tannehill for at least one more season.


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