Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin plan to sign Tom Brady replacement for NFL 2022

Despite the fact that in recent days information has appeared that Tampa Bay Buccaneers I would seek to convince Tom Brady so that he does not comply with his will to withdraw from the National Football League (NFL)the reality is that after 22 seasons, the quarterback won’t be back.

And that decision is beginning to cause a headache for Florida franchise executives, as they will have to go look for their new offensive axis in the marketwhich is not easy, taking into account the trajectory that the man born in San Mateo, California carried on his back.

That’s why the Buccaneers are looking for a quarterback superstar ahead of the 2022 NFL season, and as revealed James Palmerof the chain NFL Networkthey already have designed their strategy for find the ideal replacement for Brady.

They claim that the Buccaneers have Tom Brady’s replacement ready

Although they sounded names like Aaron Rodgersor even that of deshaun watsonthe reporter assures that the franchise is working on a negotiation with Seattle Seahawks to make an exchange and so sign to Russell Wilson.

Let’s remember that the quarterback has left two year contract with Seattle, with a salary of $77 million dollarsand will be a free agent on the way to NFL 2024, so the Buccaneers will have to put together an important package of players, in order to ensure who will take Brady’s place.


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