Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt win after positive corona test

First tested positive and suffered in the isolation hotel, then made history: Australia’s curler Tahli Gill went through a real corona madness at the Olympics. “It was literally the craziest, craziest 24 hours,” said Gill, who was suddenly allowed to continue taking part in the mixed competition despite a positive corona test on Sunday. The redeeming call came out of the blue. “We had 15 minutes to get into a cab,” Gil said.

As soon as I could, “I rummaged through my pockets and ripped out clothes left, right and center. I was only playing with one glove – and it was the wrong one,” Gil said. And yet, with her partner Dean Hewitt, she clinched Australia’s first curling victory at the Olympics. “We put our hearts and souls into this game. Coming back with the win was really great,” said Gill after the 9-6 win over Switzerland.

Previously, they had all lost the first seven games. With another win in the last game against Canada (10:8), the crazy Olympic tournament ended for Gill/Hewitt – the duo, the first Australian curlers at the Olympic Games, had no chance of reaching the semi-finals.

Gill: First case during a competition

Gill, 22, became the first athlete in Beijing to test positive during a competition. Before the trip to Beijing, her CT value was below the limit of 35 applicable to the games after contracting COVID-19. As she was previously ill, she had to play the tournament under strict rules, which will continue to apply to her in the coming days.

Overall, organizers reported only 10 new cases from Saturday’s testing, bringing the total to 363 since Jan. 23. “Yesterday we had 45 cases, today ten, we hope to keep this trend going,” said Huang Chun, in charge for pandemic prevention in the organizing committee: “But at the same time we have to be very vigilant in terms of closed-loop control measures so that clusters do not occur.”


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