Suspected beating against NFL star Kamara

NFL star Alvin Kamara will appear in court on March 8 for allegedly hitting and seriously injuring a man along with others.

According to the US news agency “AP”, the professional footballer faces between one and five years in prison if convicted. The New Orleans Saints running back was questioned by police on Sunday after the Pro Bowl and initially arrested. He posted $5,000 bail and is at liberty pending his court date.

Kamara’s lawyer said in a statement available to the German Press Agency that they would conduct their own investigation into all those involved in the incident to determine the facts and motives. The allegations against Kamara did not fit how the footballer presented himself publicly and privately. The NFL is also investigating the incident, according to media sources. The new coach of the New Orleans Saints, Dennis Allen, wanted to gather more information before commenting on the allegations against his player.

Details in the police report

According to media reports with reference to the police report, the beatings are said to have occurred in a hotel on Saturday morning when the victim apparently wanted to get into the same elevator as the football professional and his companions. According to the police report released on Tuesday, the victim never punched, punched or shoved Kamara or his companions.

Police said they didn’t identify Kamara until Saturday night and then arrested them Sunday because it was clear he was going to play in the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl is a type of NFL all-star game and traditionally takes place the weekend before the Super Bowl.


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