Stays with Curry: The player who would sign a contract extension with the Warriors

After achieving the objective, comes the difficult task of keeping the team together. Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals 2022 in view of boston celtics and got his fourth ring in eight seasons. Now, he must make difficult decisions to become candidates again.

Stephen Curry was finally the MVP of the series for the first time in his career, and he deservedly won it. However, the title could not have been achieved alone. These Warriors were a tight-knit team with everyone playing important roles.

In addition to Draymond Green Y Klay Thompsonplayers like Andrew Wiggins Y jordan poole They were key in the franchise. 6 of those members will be free agents, and there is already one who, according to a report, has decided to continue with those from San Francisco.

This is a center that when he had to play as a starter or come off the bench, he did so with enormous energy, getting his career highs in points (21) and rebounds (22). Also, Steve Kerr has already admitted that he is an undisputed player and he wanted him back.

Kevon Looney stays with Warriors

“League sources tell me that pessimism has grown among the teams interested in taking out the recent champions Golden State Warriors to Kevin Looney. It is expected that Looney re-signs with Warriors on multi-year deal after playing a vital role in their fourth title in eight seasons.”He said insider of the NBA, Marc Stein.

Kevin Looney. (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

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