Sports lawyer gives BVB, 1. FC Köln and Co. limited hope

Sports lawyer Martin Nolte has only given the professional clubs limited hope for lawsuits against the admission restrictions for spectators.

“The chances of success of legal proceedings are difficult to assess. It depends on the respective Corona Protection Ordinance. In any case, there are no precedents in Germany,” said the professor from the German Sport University Cologne to the “SID”: “Many measures against Corona have been challenged. The procedures were partially successful.”

However, a general prognosis on the prospects of success for spectators in professional sports is “difficult”. In addition, the verdicts could also vary from state to state, he explained.

Borussia Dortmund’s managing director Hans Joachim Watzke indicated that legal action would be taken immediately after the extension of the previous regulation on Monday. Cologne Managing Director Alexander Wehrle and Leipzig’s Oliver Mintzlaff announced the same.

The clubs are now exploring the chances of success by means of an interim legal protection ordinance. However, “the validity of the regulation has not yet been decided there,” explained Nolte. Rather, it is about checking “whether the reasons for issuing an interim order are so serious that they cannot be dismissed.”

There could be a decision well before the next prime ministers’ conference. “The temporary legal protection is an urgent matter. Then the courts will deal with the matter in the shortest possible time. I think that would be the case before February 9th,” said Nolte.


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