Specialist argues LeBron James didn’t change basketball like Stephen Curry did

There is no doubt that Lebron James greatly influenced the National Basketball Association (NBA) since he arrived in 2003. He has been the player who marked a generation and who rivals Michael Jordan for most, as the best of all time.

However, when comparing it with Stephen Curry, an argument in favor of Golden state warriors is that he changed the way he played, but that is not a bad thing against the star of Los angeles lakers, it is not 100% true for most either.

Anyway, for Bill Simmons, a recognized sports analyst who works at the portal called The Ringer, compared in the Bill Simmons Podcast to the two stars and explained why you think James didn’t change basketball the way Curry did:

The explanation about LeBron James and Stephen Curry

“If you’re talking about the big picture, the fact that Curry did change the way basketball is played will matter if he starts adding finals and maybe a couple more rings … I think LeBron is a better player than CurryBut if you only talk about the race and when we add things, Curry’s impact on basketball and being on the forefront of changing how you play plays a role, right? Literally changing how the sport is played and how youth play and how it influences youth is what LeBron doesn’t have.Simmons said.

“LeBron was the best player in the league for a decade and a half and had one of the best careers in history, but You wouldn’t say it changed how basketball is played … On the court, he only perfected things that were already there. Curry really changed basketball, the journalist concluded.


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