Spanner scandal shakes the women’s handball Bundesliga

The Women’s Handball Bundesliga (HBF) is overshadowed by an unbelievable Spanner scandal.

During the handball Luchse Buchholz 08-Rosengarten game against SG BBM Bietigheim on September 18, hidden cameras were discovered in both dressing rooms before kick-off. The police confirmed this to the “Winsener Anzeiger”.

The players had noticed strange dummy switches that turned out to be cameras. A total of three such dummies were found in the “wet areas of both changing rooms,” said police spokesman Jan Krüger. There were only pictures when entering the cabin, not of undressed handball players.

“I am still shocked and I hope that the person will be convicted,” said Buchholz Managing Director Sven Dubau after the incident, which the police have only now made public for investigative reasons.image“-Newspaper.

“Since then we’ve been doing a tour of the hall, taking the hall down. We also have two watchers so that people who don’t belong there can’t get in,” added Dubau.

The police are currently investigating a 55-year-old from Harburg. The suspect denies the allegations, but evidence was found in his apartment.

It is still unclear whether the suspect also installed his cameras in other games.

Bietigheim leads the HBF table

In the game, the favorite from Bietigheim clearly prevailed with 32:19. Up until the break, the handball lynxes had been able to keep the match open (15:12). After that, the SG sat down clearly.

Bietigheim is currently clearly leading the table in the women’s handball Bundesliga with 20:0 points. The cup winner surprisingly won the top match against Borussia Dortmund at the beginning of January with 33:22 (14:12).


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