Sorschag’s used day ends prematurely

Sophie Sorschag came suddenly and unexpectedly to Olympic honors – but hardly in Beijing, her dream of playing had already burst again.

The Austrian ski jumper had been nominated and arrived in a hurry at short notice, but after her first competition jump from the normal hill she was disqualified: Her black suit did not conform to the rules.

“The sponsors’ masking was the reason,” reported the team world champion on ORF in despair, “you can’t do that. I didn’t know that.”

No one pointed it out to her from the coaches either. “I already had another suit, but they said: If the masking works, then we’ll take it.”

It didn’t work: The Olympic rules are very strict, much stricter than in the World Cup. For Sorschag, a day that was already used ended prematurely.

Sorschag moves up for Kramer and Seifriedsberger

The 23-year-old, who moved up after the positive corona tests from World Cup leader Marita Kramer and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, only had one test jump to get used to the hill and the conditions.

She messed up the first round, landing at 73.5 m – 34.5 m behind the best distance. And then the suit was wrong.


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