“Some people don’t understand”

Haas team boss Günther Steiner has warned that Mick Schumacher could now come under pressure to keep scoring points in Formula 1 after finishing eighth at Silverstone.

A long dry spell ended for Mick Schumacher at Silverstone at the weekend: the German finished eighth and scored points for the first time in his Formula 1 career – after beating world champion Max Verstappen, who was driving a damaged Red Bull, to the had followed the checkered flag.

But despite all the joy about the result, Haas team boss Günther Steiner warns that expectations could now be raised too high. “I think it will give him a little boost and boost his confidence,” he says. “But we have to be careful now that the pressure doesn’t get too great.”

Steiner fears that Schumacher will now always be criticized for not scoring points, explaining: “Some people don’t understand that. They are human beings, there are other 19 drivers who are great. And there are other nine teams who are good have cars.”

“It’s a sport. The expectation shouldn’t be that he scores every race and then when he doesn’t score he gets criticized again. That’s putting him on a pedestal and throwing him off and we shouldn’t try to do that.” , Steiner notes.

Steiner: No announcements during the race

Looking ahead to the race, the team boss reveals that Schumacher was never told to take it easy, not even in a duel with Verstappen: “No, he wasn’t told anything. They know what to do. When they fight and you start talking to them, you just confuse them.”

“I trust my guys. I know he wanted his points and he got them. I think he had everything under control.” In addition to Schumacher, teammate Kevin Magnussen also finished in the points at Silverstone, finishing tenth.

The double points came after the team failed to score at all in the previous five races. “It motivates the boys,” says Steiner.

Double points with a bit of luck

“I kept telling them that they can do it, we just can’t do it at the moment. We have to be patient, which is sometimes difficult when everyone thinks you’re not doing a good job. But in the end we got it and we’re in the points with two cars. That’s very good for the team.”

The signs for the one-two didn’t look all that promising: “We didn’t have a good race weekend this weekend because qualifying wasn’t good. But when the red flag came out, we got a little boost and we made a few Positions good.”

“I think we started 14th and 16th, which isn’t fantastic. But we made the best of it and ended up with two cars in the points, which is very good. We were unlucky enough to come some luck just in time.”

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