So it is about a Germany comeback of Formula 1

Even after a video call in January, the future of Formula 1 in Germany remains uncertain.

The most important question remains: How can financiers be won so that the top motorsport class can become a regular guest in the car manufacturer nation again and, above all, permanently? There can be no talk of non-will on the part of either the Hockenheim or the Nürburgring, confirmed those responsible after the digital meeting with representatives of Formula 1 below boss level.

“The fact that the Hockenheimring has an interest in Formula 1 taking place here is not new,” said Jorn Teske, one of two managing directors of Hockenheimring GmbH, the “German Press Agency”.

“We would be happy to welcome Formula 1 to the Nürburgring,” emphasized Nürburgring spokesman Alexander Gerhard. “We also know all the hurdles that exist for this,” said Teske. “It has to be economically viable,” affirmed Gerhard.

It is understandable that Formula 1 has economic interests, Teske added: “And as long as there are many countries that are willing to pay sums for a Formula 1 race that cannot be refinanced at all, it will be difficult to play in this concert.”

Domenicali sees no interest

So bad cards for the fans in the Eifel and North Baden? “I’m disappointed and also sad that we don’t have a German Grand Prix at the moment,” Formula 1 Managing Director Stefano Domenicali said in an interview at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see any real interest from Germany either.

“It’s a way for Formula 1 to weigh up how important the market is to them,” emphasized Teske. “It is clear that the whole thing cannot be carried out on the back of the racetracks. We do not have the strength to do so, it is not our job either.” For a desired medium-term perspective, you simply need the means. “The financial hurdle with the appearance money is between us,” said Teske.


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