ski jumping | “Schummelzoff” escalates: Poland boss attacks Horngacher

The anger about the disqualification of the Polish ski jumpers in Willingen goes into the next round. National coach Stefan Horngacher faces headwind from the highest level.

“Stefan Horngacher’s intervention was unfair and disgusts me,” said Apoloniusz Tajner, head of the Polish Ski Association, in an interview with the “SportoweFakty” portal, shot the German national coach sharply after he was in Willingen for the disqualification of Stefan Hula and Piotr Zyla worried.

Horngacher complained about the shoes of the Poles at the FIS and ultimately caused the duo to be excluded. In addition, the world association decided that the Polish team could not use the shoes at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

“There’s nothing unusual about these shoes. These shoes are for sale. They’ve only been slightly modified,” said Tajner, asserting that his team was within the rules.

“I don’t understand the objection that he [der Schuh] was not registered beforehand or that the shoe is a bit harder or softer or the wall is a millimeter thicker”, the Polish federation boss was annoyed about the disqualification of his two jumpers.

The German team would also always look for ways to optimize their own material, said Tajner: “And nobody protests and tells the FIS that something needs to be investigated because something is wrong.” The German team, for example, is also using bindings this year that were banned last year, the association boss pointed out: “And here we are creating such a mess. It’s not fair.”

Do the Germans use an illegal binding?

By the way, the Polish association does not want to accept the disqualification of Stefan Hula and Piotr Zyla as well as the ban on the shoes. An appeal against the decision, which association employee Jan Winkiel described as “irrational and stupid”, has already been announced.

“Our shoes supposedly support aerodynamics, but they don’t do that,” Winkiel told “TVP Sport”: “But the bindings of the Germans do, we have that in writing. But the FIS didn’t say anything here and the equipment allowed it.”

What annoys the Poles: Hula and Zyla weren’t the only ones in Willingen who started with the new shoe. Kami Stoch and Pawel Wasek also flew the modified model on Saturday – and were not disqualified. That raises questions.

FIS gives various justifications

According to Winkiel, the exact reason for the disqualification is still unclear, because there are two versions. One is: The FIS disqualified the Poles because the new shoe was not registered in advance. The second version, which is also noted in the official protocol: The FIS disqualified the Poles because the shoe supports aerodynamics.

It will probably be a few days before the last questions in the matter have been clarified. However, there is not much time left until the first Olympic competition. The Polish association is all the more demanding a quick response from the FIS, which has not commented on the matter since the weekend.


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