Ski jumping live: Zakopane HS 140 team in the live ticker | 01/15/2022 16:00


Finals at 5:03 p.m

After a short break, the teams will start the final at 5:03 p.m.


Austria in fifth place

Not everything came together for the Austrian team and the winners of the previous team competitions found themselves in fifth place. 23.9 points are missing from the podium. Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic complete the field in the final. The Kazakhs will be eliminated.


Slovenia leads at half time

At half-time it is Slovenia who lead the team competition in Zakopane. In four jumps, the team collected 531.5 points and moved ahead of the German team by 27.6 points. Japan is in third place, closely followed by Norway.



Jan Hörl completes the first round for Austria, but he cannot catch up with the competition. With 127.5 meters, the team will also make up places, but will remain well behind the big competition.



Norway is also under pressure after Granerud’s weak jump. How far does Marius Lindvik go in his jump? 132.5 meters. That’s enough for fourth place behind Japan.



Karl Geiger won’t put Germany ahead, but can he at least bring his team closer to the top? Yes! Everything fits together in the jump and with 135.5 meters and good grades, the DSV team is 27.6 points closer to Slovenia.



Japan had opened strongly, but then fell back with two weaker jumps. What else can Ryoyu Kobayashi fix now? He doesn’t manage the really big jump and after 132.5 meters the Slovenians are 31.2 points ahead.



So far everything has been going well for the Slovenians and Anze Lanisek, as the Slovenians’ final jumper, hasn’t left out either. With a lot of tailwind, he can climb up to 129 meters and he also takes good values ​​with him when it comes to posture.



Yesterday Pawel Wasek was not there after a PCR test was positive. After two more tests, this time negative, he was allowed to start today and now he is 123.5 meters. With 8.9 points it passes Russia.



Evgenii Klimov has to intervene in his jump shortly after the take-off and from then on, not much is possible. After 118.5 meters Russia is in the lead, but it will not be possible to start a race to catch up.



Sergey Tkachenko seals the end of the Kazakh team. At only 106.5 meters, his jump is far too short.


Czech Republic

Another group is waiting for us in the first round. This will be opened by Roman Koudelka. Things didn’t go well for him in training, how are things going now in competition? Also not quite. With 117 meters with a hatch more than the group before, it will be enough for the final, but not to gain self-confidence towards Sunday.



Can Clemens Aigner bring the Austrians closer to the podium again? Unfortunately, no. Aigner also has a lot to do with the tail winds and can’t get any further than 112.5 meters. Austria falls back to seventh place!

4:30 p.m


It would have been the Norwegians’ great chance, but Halvor Egner Granerud doesn’t fit at all and he falls at 116.5 meters. The good starting position is gone and the team falls behind Germany!



Can Germany use this now? With 126 meters, Markus Eisenbichler is the longest in this group so far, but a lot more would have been possible. They are in third place, two points behind Japan.



Naoki Nakamura can’t keep up! With only 115.5 meters, Japan will continue to lose ground and are already 37 points behind Slovenia in the result lists.



For the Slovenians, it’s now about maintaining the lead. With a lot of tailwind, he can at least go down to 125.5 meters. But is that enough against the fiercest competitors yet to come?



And the Poles don’t fit together at all! Jakub Wolny seems insecure throughout his flight, fights his way through and has to set the slats in the snow at 113 meters.



So far the Russians have been doing really well, but now it’s raining heavily! Mikhail Nazarov misses his take-off, seems a bit too passive in the jump and only lands at 115 meters.



Sabirzhan Muminov would have to throw the 119 meters so that Kazakhstan can pass the Czech Republic. But he’s far from succeeding. Only 110.5 meters are possible for him and the Czech Republic is clearly behind.


Czech Republic

It continues with the third group and the Czechs, who will start again. Viktor Polasek put the 115.5 meters down for them.



Austria will not take the lead because the gap is already too big for that. But Austria will catch up after a great jump by Daniel Tschofenig. With 135 meters and spotless grades in the 19 range, Austria improved to fifth place. The leaders are the Slovenians ahead of Japan and Norway.



Robin Pedersen was able to recommend himself in the training sessions and now in the competition it fits together with the new Norwegian man. His jump is only over after 131.5 meters. However, there are also a few deductions for Aufwind, which pulled in on him. Norway is third, 27.2 points behind.



Stephan Leyhe has to intervene briefly at the top, but then the jump fits together better and it goes down to 129.5 meters. However, that’s not enough to catch up and you are in fifth place behind Russia.



The Japanese took the lead after the first jump, but can they keep that position after the second group? No! After only 122.5 meters it is even behind Slovenia. It is 16.7 points behind the competitor.



Peter Prevc clenches his fist on the exit. Finally, the 29-year-old’s jump fits together again and he can burn the 133.5 meters into the snow. Slovenia stay tuned!



What else can Stefan Hula do for his team? The veteran had to prove himself again over the Continental Cup, but is doing a good job today and has a solid 125 meters. He takes the Poles past Russia.



Ilya Mankov already has a completely different level. Even if there were still reserves at the take-off, he can really get a lot out of his jump and put the 125.5 meters into the slope. Russia confidently sets itself apart from Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.



At 17, Danil Vassilyev is also one of the very young athletes in the field. After 115 meters he does it much better than Rydl before and brings his team very close to the Czechs. Only 0.1 points separate the teams.


Czech Republic

Youngster Radek Rydl makes the second jump for the Czechs. However, he already has a lot of problems on the approach and not everything fits together during the flight either. With 112 meters it will not be easy for the Czech Republic.



phew! Daniel Huber comes off the take-off much too late, has hardly any height and can no longer repair much in the jump. After only 118 meters his jump is over and Austria is in seventh place. It leads Japan ahead of Slovenia and Norway.



Meanwhile, Daniel-Andre Tande keeps his team in the race after the first jump and, with 127 meters, makes the second-best attempt in this group. However, there are smaller deductions for the tailwind and Norway takes third place behind Slovenia.



Severin Freund is the first starter who has to wait before the jump is cleared. The wind was too strong from behind. When he is let off, he has it much like the athletes before him. The timing doesn’t add up at the table and he has to land at 121.5 meters. There are some deductions in the attitude. Where does Germany come out? In fifth place. 27.6 points are already missing to Japan.



Yukiya Sato looks back on strong training sessions, can he do it again now? He leaves the take-off with a lot of confidence, has no problems in the air and smashes the 130.5 meters. For posture there are three times the 18.0. Japan passes Slovenia by 6.6 points. Three teams are still up.



Lovro Kos is the turn for the Slovenians. He does a good job with the tailwinds and opens for his nation with a jump of 126.5 meters. There are 16.9 points for tailwind on top, which then makes a total of 133.1 points and the lead.



The Poles are unusually early in the team competitions this season, because we haven’t had much together so far. On the home hill, the start isn’t really successful either. With 124 meters they even lag behind Russia.



Danil Sadreev makes the start for the team from Russia. The tailwind has increased significantly for him again, but he can easily sail over the previous distances. Russia starts the competition with 123.5 meters. Now we have to wait and see what the competition can come up with.



22-year-old Nikita Devyatkin is the next to go over the hill. He still has his problems on the approach and in the transition to flight and he has to land at 102.5 meters.


Czech Republic

It’s served and Filip Sakala starts things off for the Czechs. With a light tailwind, however, he can only climb 108.5 meters. Certainly not the start the team wanted.


Who else do you need to watch out for?

It could be an exciting team competition again today, because the field is pretty even and there are several nations that can be at the forefront. In addition to the Norwegians, these also include the Japanese and Slovenes. The Poles have to do without several of their top stars at their home game. Kubacki is missing after a positive corona test, Stoch due to a foot injury. A total of nine teams are at the start. Eight of them make it to the final.


The German Quartet

After last week’s team event didn’t go according to plan, the German team certainly wants to attack again in Zakopane and get involved in the fight for the podium places. Severin Freund, Stephan Leyhe as well as Markus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger will be jumping today. Andreas Wellinger left Zakopane. After his training jump, he felt a stab in his right knee, as the German Ski Association announced. He will now be examined in Germany.


Austria strikes again?

There have already been two team competitions this winter and twice the victory went to the athletes from Austria. So the team should be the clear favorite to win again today. Daniel Huber, Daniel Tschofenig, Clemens Aigner and Jan Hörl were nominated for the team competition.


Not much happened on Friday

Not much happened in Zakopane on Friday. The training was canceled after 44 jumpers due to too much wind and the qualification for tomorrow’s individual competition could not take place either. Accordingly, the ski jumpers had to start earlier today to catch up on the training. Accordingly, the nomination phase lasted longer than usual. The participating athletes are only known shortly before the competition.


Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the ski jumping stronghold of Zakopane. Today is the next team competition of the season. It starts at 4 p.m.!


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