Ski jumping live: Raw Air Lillehammer singles in the live ticker | 03/03/2022 16:00


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Fredrik Villumstad (NOR)

Fredrik Villumstad is the next Norwegian to go. It is noticeable that the 22-year-old wants a little too much in the first few meters and thus takes up a lot of space. With 120 meters and fifth place, there is still hope for the final.


Robin Pedersen (NOR)

Robin Pedersen wants to make sure the Norwegian crowd cheers. But he doesn’t succeed. After 117 meters he has to line up further back and should probably only be a spectator in the final.


Keiichi Sato (JPN)

Keiichi Sato gets off well at the take-off, but after a ski error in the air he loses a few meters and has to set his skis in the snow at 119 meters.


Niko Kytosaho (FIN)

The next and last Finn is already on track. It needs a few corrections, but with 123 meters he should be quite satisfied.


Antti Aalto (FIN)

Antti Aalto has to step back. At the take-off table, he can’t really get his jump off and can’t keep up the speed and velocity. With 119.5 meters he lands in fifth place.


Pavel Wasek (POL)

Now the better jumps seem to be coming slowly. Pawel Wasek from the Polish team followed suit and increased the maximum distance in the first round to 125.5 meters. The grades are also solid and so it moves up to first place.


Artti Aigro (EST)

His training partner Artti Aigro is doing just as well and so he also has a chance of reaching the final. He is only 1.6 points behind Nousiainen after his 123 meters.


Eetu Nousiainen (FIN)

Eetu Nousiainen had a really good day yesterday and things are coming together nicely for the 24-year-old. He is well over his bars, acts sensitively and takes first place with 123.5 meters.


Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes (CAN)

At Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes the updraft has died down and so his 117.5 meters are definitely worth something. But even with him after three 17.0’s in the posture, it’s not enough for the lead. He ends up in second place, 3.2 points behind.


Giovanni Bresadola (ITA)

What can Giovanni Bresadola do with this gate? Not much either. At 112 meters, the Italian can’t do much either. Only Juroszek has so far been able to spoil the audience with a respectable jump.


Anze Semenic (SLO)

Anže Semenič missed the timing at the take-off and then completely lost the height. It won’t be more than 106.5 meters for him.


Alex Insam (ITA)

Alex Insam gets off the take-off better, but loses a lot in the air and doesn’t get far. 115.5 meters probably mean the end after the first round for him too.


Kevin Bickner (USA)

The American cannot attack the lead either. With a lot of movements in the air, it’s over for him after just 113 meters.


Viktor Polasek (CZE)

Viktor Polášek, on the other hand, experienced a complete crash. After he was able to complete a good jump in yesterday’s qualification, he now completely misses the jump and lands after 91.5 meters.


Kacper Juroszek (POL)

Kacper Juroszek comes off the take-off with a good height and with 120 meters he makes a stable jump in the snow.


Anders Hare (NOR)

Anders Håre opens the competition with a slight updraft from starting hatch seven. In the end, however, not much is possible for the 22-year-old. At 107 meters it’s already over. Under normal circumstances, that shouldn’t be enough for the top 30.


This is how the trial went

Before the competition, the athletes had to rehearse. The Slovenian Ziga Jelar was able to show the best jump. Cene Prevc ended up just behind in second place ahead of Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud and Stefan Kraft from Austria. Severin Freund came in fifth.

3:50 p.m

Deschwanden leads Swiss

The Swiss are led by Gregor Deschwanden, who qualified for today’s competition in 16th place. Simon Ammann (31st) and Killian Peier in 45th still had room for improvement.


All DSV-Adler qualified

The German team was able to get all the athletes into the competition, but only Constantin Schmid should be really happy after day one. The Bavarian jumped 131.5 meters and was the best German in fifth place. In the Raw Air, he’s 6.9 points behind. Karl Geiger and Markus Eisenbichler have already traded a larger distance. Geiger was 14th in qualifying, Eisenbichler was only 23rd. Severin Freund (20th), Stefan Leyhe (46th) and Andreas Wellinger as 50th are also in the competition.


Also Huber in the top ten

With Daniel Huber in seventh place, there is another Austrian among the top ten in seventh place. Philipp Aschenwald ranked 17th in the first exchange of blows. Ulrich Wohlmentioned qualified in 23rd place. However, Jan Hörl in 30th place and Clemens Aigner in 41st place should not be completely satisfied.


Forfang after qualifying victory with a narrow lead

After winning yesterday’s qualifiers, Norway’s Johann Andre Forfang also leads the Raw Air. However, only just. Only 0.7 points behind him is Stefan Kraft from the Austrian team. Manuel Fettner is one point behind. A total of just 6.9 points separate the top ten.


Hello and welcome to the first men’s individual competition of this year’s Raw Air Tour. The first round starts at 4 p.m.



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