Sixers looking to include Tobias Harris in Ben Simmons trade

When it seemed that we had heard about the transfer of Ben Simmons, the latest information suggests that the Sixers would be looking to include Tobias Harris in his departure. At least that’s how Brian Windhorst assures it in his last podcast for ESPN, in which even he looks surprised. This operation would release 72 million dollars in salaries for this and next year. Although they would have to receive at least 56 million dollars in the exchange.

The intention to move Tobias could be explained by his low performance, but surely it goes much further. According to Windhorst, Daryl Morey is hopeful of casting James Harden this summer. The current Nets point guard decided not to renew and his troubling season has stalled negotiations with management led by Sean Marks. Which paves the way for a Sixers who could only absorb a contract like Harden’s with a trade like this.

Another direct consequence of Harris’s departure would be the recent interest in John Collins who The Athletic brought to light yesterday. Tobias is the power forward for the Sixers, and it’s not easy to imagine him living with Collins. Be that as it may, this information gives a life to the Simmons case that it has not had for months. Morey may not be as patient as he claims. Especially when Joel Embiid tightens the nuts to the rhythm of daily exhibition.

(Cover photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

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