Shock for Thorsten Legat: testicles must be removed


Actually, it was only supposed to be part of an RTL show and now it’s changing the whole life of ex-soccer player Thorsten Legat. During training for “RTL high diving” he sustained an injury to his testicles and it is so bad that it even has to be removed.

Despite his testicle injury, Kasalla-Thorsten has plunged back into the TV adventure. For a good cause he takes part in the celebrity edition of “Ninja Warrior Germany”, where he reveals to “RTL” that his broken testicles cannot stay like this. “The egg will be removed in mid-August. At first I thought the world would fall on my head because I was shocked and sad,” said the ex-footballer.

Thorsten’s testicles were torn open when he hit the water surface – and according to his doctors, he can no longer be saved. Despite this shocking news, Thorsten doesn’t hang his head and already knows what’s next: “I actually only get one implant in it. I’ve been enlightened, it’s like a breast implant.”

“I’m not playing with my health!”

How great Legat’s willpower is is also shown by the fact that despite his testicle problems, he is starting at “Nina Warrior Germany”. “You can’t break anything anymore. That’s good. It doesn’t hurt anymore. For me it’s always important: I don’t play with my health, I know that it will go away,” says Thorsten.

In favor of “RTL – We help children” he would like to conquer the ninja course – and not let anything get him down. That’s how we know and love Thorsten Kasalla Legat!

Watch “RTL high diving” on RTL+

Did you miss the “RTL high diving”? No problem! The show is available on RTL+.

Episodes of “Ninja Warrior Germany” celebrity specials are also available on the streaming platform.


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