Sebastian Vettel’s talks with Red Bull confirmed

Team boss Christian Horner has revealed that there were serious considerations about bringing Sebastian Vettel back to Red Bull, where the German won the Formula 1 world championship four times during his tenure between 2009 and 2014.

Sebastian Vettel will not have a second term at Red Bull, that is already clear. Because a few days ago, the German Formula 1 driver announced the end of his career after the current season. But if the stars had been a little different at the end of 2020, Vettel could have ended up a second time with the racing team where he celebrated the greatest successes. Christian Horner has now revealed this.

According to the team boss, before Sergio Pérez, who joined Red Bull in early 2021, there were considerations of bringing Vettel back on board.

“We’ve had some exploratory talks,” Horner told Channel 4. But it turned out that a comeback would not have made sense for either side. “It would have been a bit like going back to an old friend, it probably wouldn’t be quite the same the second time around,” Horner continued.

Red Bull proud of four world titles with Vettel

So it stayed with the four world titles that you won together with Vettel from 2010 to 2013. “What we […] achieved was so remarkable. It was such a phenomenal thing and that will always be part of our story and we are very proud to have had him on our team,” said the boss of the current championship-leading team with reigning champion Max Verstappen.

Vettel finally switched to Aston Martin in 2021 after mixed results in his five years at Ferrari, where he now has the final months of his Formula 1 career ahead of him. Horner continued that he was a little surprised that the four-time world champion was retiring.

“I don’t think anyone expected that,” said the 48-year-old. “But I think it’s the right decision for him. It’s not good to see him driving around in midfield, it certainly doesn’t make him happy.” It was exactly the right moment to put an end to my career as an F1 driver.

Fernando Alonso will take over Vettel’s cockpit from the coming season.

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