Sebastian Vettel’s race ‘not perfect but pretty good’

His race was “okay overall”, says Sebastian Vettel after tenth place in the Formula 1 race at the Hungaroring near Budapest.

But because Vettel, coming from 18th on the grid, saw the chance in the Aston Martin AMR22 to make up another position over the last few meters, he also describes his performance as “not perfect, but pretty good”.

Because Vettel wanted to get past Alpine driver Esteban Ocon at the very end. Only 0.143 seconds were missing at the finish. That’s why Vettel struggles with the virtual safety car just before the end: “That slowed us down a bit. I was close to Esteban and would have needed another curve, but I didn’t get it,” said the four-time Formula 1 world champion .

Other things went better, emphasizes Vettel: “Today’s race was good. We had a good feeling in the car and the right strategy. That’s a strength. Not everyone managed it today, we did. That’s good.”

Sebastian Vettel touched in the first few meters

Vettel’s race could have gone very differently right from the start. Because Vettel was involved in an incident in turn 3 on the starting lap.

“There was a crash in front of me and I wanted to avoid it,” he explains. “I think there was contact with a Williams. I was lucky that the damage wasn’t too bad.”

Alexander Albon, as Vettel’s opponent in the accident, was less fortunate: the race control brought the Williams driver into the pits for an emergency stop due to the damage to his vehicle. But Vettel was able to continue with a “somewhat damaged front wing,” as he notes on “Sky.” “But I don’t think it mattered.”

He then put in a “really decent” first stint. “In the second stint I struggled a bit with the tyres. We didn’t quite get the balance right and I lacked the pace a bit. I tried to divide up the tires but that didn’t work. We have for the third stint corrected that and it was much better,” says Vettel.

How to classify Aston Martin’s points gain

That’s why the point win is “okay”, according to the German. “There wasn’t much more possible. I’m satisfied. If we had had a better day on Saturday, we could have finished eighth because the two Alpines were a bit vulnerable with their one-stop strategy. That’s why it’s a bit It’s a shame, but overall it was okay.”

It’s not enough for more under the current signs, says Vettel: “Because if we want to finish ninth, eighth or seventh, we need better Saturdays. We have to work on that. On Sundays we’re fast enough to get some midfield cars hit.”

Vettel will spend the next few Sundays without racing. “I’m looking forward to the[summer break],” he says, “and then to the remaining races.” But he had “nothing special” planned in the four weeks leading up to the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa. “It’s going to be nice and boring,” he says. [Sommerpause”sagter”unddannaufdienochausstehendenRennen”Erhabeaber”nichtsBesonderes”geplantindenvierWochenbiszumBelgien-Grand-PrixinSpa”Eswirdschönundlangweilig”someinter

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