Sean Payton will return to the NFL after leaving the New Orleans Saints: It will not be as a coach

After failing to qualify the Playoffs of the National Football League (NFL) after four consecutive seasons, Sean Payton made the decision to leave the technical direction of New Orleans Saintsa team he joined in 2006 and where he won the Super Bowl XLIV.

Almost in parallel, but in another area of ​​the game, the former quarterback Troy Aickman He began his career as a television analyst at the chain Fox Sportsover time, became one of the highest paid figures on the small screen, with an annual salary of $17.5 million dollars.

Now, what do Payton and Aikman have in common? The truth is that a lot, since facing the 2022 NFL season, the new york post reported that the former star of Dallas Cowboys will leave the television to go to ESPN, where he will comment on Monday night matches. That’s where the former Saints comes into the equation.

Sean Payton returns to the NFL! But not how you expected

It is that as reported by the journalist Michael McCarthyof the portal Front Office Sportsthe former coach of the legend Drew Brees is negotiating with the FOX network to be the main analyst of the NFL games that they broadcast; however, he adds that he competes for the position with two other former players: Greg Olsen and Philip Rivers.

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The information complements that, in case of accepting the television offer, Payton will perceive for commenting on the 2022 NFL season, a salary close to $10 million dollarsa little more than what he earned in the Saints, almost $8.6 million.


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